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Our Vision


We envision a multicultural, multigenerational church where people from

all ages, cultures and classes can attend and feel comfortable in their

worship experience. Whether you are just beginning your walk with God,

or you're a committed believer continuing your journey with Him, you

will find a place here at The New Life Christian Center Church.


Founded on biblical principles, our ministry is dedicated to ministering to

hurting people. With your commitment, we strive to impact and encourage

our local communities, as well as spread the love of God beyond the walls

of the church.


Mission Statement


We are a ministry that has been called to build people of purpose, power and

praise. We depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us exactly where God wants us to

go. We know that an understanding of God's word is what you need to change

your life and tap into the Divine purpose that God has pre-destined for you in

His Kingdom.


Our History


The journey of faith began December 22, 2010 when I visited the property at

8600 hwy 98 West in Pensacola Florida for the first time. Formerly the Liberty

University campus, I quickly realized that God was showing me something that

only he could do. I heard Bishop Blake say that if you’re doing anything in

ministry that doesn't require an absolute miracle from the Lord then it's too

small. Standing out on the land while viewing the campus, I quickly realized

that it wouldn't take more than one miracle but many from the Lord. Only God

would get the glory.


After much fasting and prayer it was very clear that God had changed my life

after that visit, he wanted me to trust him to do what only he could do through

faith in him. In May of 2011 my wife Keturah and daughter Naomi Grace

and I made a second visit to Pensacola to view the property a second time. It

was clear that we would trust God to do for us what no one else could, however

a very difficult decision after having served with my Father in ministry for

over 20 years as his assistant Pastor.


In June 2011 our home sold in a down market in 7 hours and 38 minutes. This

truly was a miracle! The process of relocation began in July 2011 and the Lord

worked many more miracles through very difficult situations. Through it all, I

knew I heard the voice of the Lord through the Holy Spirit to go to Pensacola and

bring New Life to Gods people. August 18th, 2011 the Lord blessed us to close

on the property, after much repair to the building the first service was September

4th, 2011 with four adults and five children.


Many repairs continue to this present day, God is faithful and has provided

greater than we could ever imagine. We continue to walk by faith and not by

sight trusting God for the supernatural manifestation of his word.














Welcome to New Life Christian Center Church and Daycare Service


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