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Pastor Darrak Scurles is a veteran and served in the United States Navy for 8 years. He saw firsthand what Military families go through. God has put a special love in his heart to reach out and help any way that he and the church can help. The following will give you an idea of our level of support to Military families.


Support for Mom and kids when Dad is out to sea through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.


Care packages from New Life Christian Center Church to encourage Dad or Mom when away on deployment.


Free Bible Promise books for comforting scriptures upon request.


Support groups for parents and children, we truly understand.


Counseling for difficult issues, they do exist. 


We can help.


We at New Life CC love you and are waiting to hear

from you.








Scripture Reference: MATTHEW 25:31-40





Minister to the physiological needs of the people in the community.



This will be accomplished by:


Providing food for the hungry


Drink to the thirsty


Clothing the naked


Shelter to strangers

How God May Be Calling You





Serve With Us



Get connected at NLCC! Your opportunity to connect and grow await you here. As you participate in our outreach programs, giving of your time and talents, you will watch in amazement as your relationships with other believers, the community abroad and your walk with God expand exponentially!


Global Mission


Our Global Mission is to support Israel.


We pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Love & Support for Military Families!